Money Saving Home Staging Tip – Get A Home Staging Consultation, Then Do-It-Yourself

Bathroom after home staging by Moving Mountains Design

I’m contacted daily by Los Angeles homeowners who recognize the value of hiring a professional home stager, but think they can’t afford it.

Here’s a money saving home staging tip: hire a professional home stager for a home staging consultation and then do the recommended work yourself.

When you call Moving Mountains Design for an occupied home staging consultation in Los Angeles, Pasadena or Long Beach you’ll have some options:

  1. Verbal Only Home Staging Consultation – We’ll walk through your home (including exteriors) and discuss the work that needs to be done to get your home in market ready condition. I’ll make paint color recommendations, suggest the optimal furniture layout and discuss what items need to be pre-packed or donated. You can ask any questions, show me carpet samples and paint chips you may have picked up. You take all the notes and you do the work on your own schedule. $250 for up to 2 hours, $150/hr. over 2 hours
  2. Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation – My assistant and I will walk through your home with you (including exteriors) and outline the work that needs to be done to get your home in market ready condition, same as above.  My assistant will take extensive notes and I’ll email you your  custom and very specific comprehensive home staging consultation report. Your report will contain all the recommended changes and tasks that we discussed. In addition, I’ll include information about how to prepare for open houses and showings, how to stage your closets, how to stage your garden, how to stage your garage, and how to stage your kitchen cabinets. Once again you save money by doing the recommended work yourself. $350 for up to 2 hours, $150/hr. over 2 hours
  3. Extended Home Staging Consultation – Once you’ve completed all or part of the suggestions in your Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation, the Moving Mountains Design team will come in and complete any portion of the work you would like. The more work you do yourself, the more money you will save. $150/hr for 2 stagers or by fixed bid.

All of the above options are billed on an hourly basis, with a  2 hour minimum. Options 1 & 2 rarely take more than 2 hours. The time to complete option 3 depends upon how much work your have done yourself, and how much work is left for the Moving Mountains Design team to do. An estimate to complete all the work outlined in the Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation or the Extended Home Staging Consultation is included with the final Report, if you prefer to have us do the work.

To schedule a home staging consultation appointment, call (626)441-8975 or send us an email at

Moving Mountains Design – We know what makes homes sell!


  1. Michelle – while showing property today, I came across a foreclosed home that had been ‘lightly’ staged. The seller, being a bank, did not pay for it. The agent did and what a smart agent she is. My buyers stayed much longer in the home than they did in any of the others. It just had basic living room furniture with some decorative items, and the kitchen looked great.

    Love the idea of a verbal only staging consultation.

  2. A home staging consultation with Michelle and Moving Mountains Design will more than return your initial investment!. Michelle is a nationally recognized home staging expert and one I’d personally hire for my own home – and I’m a home stager myself!

  3. Virginia: Its a big mystery to me why banks have not embraced the benefits of home staging to sell their REOs. With so many foreclosed homes on the market from many different lenders you would think the banks would understand that making their REO look better than the REO next door would give it a better chance of selling.

    Most home stagers offer a Verbal Only Consultation. It is the least expensive way to have the input of an experienced professional stager. I work with some listing agents here in Pasadena and Los Angeles that offer a consultation as part of their marketing and listing package. Its a minimal investment with a big payout.

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